The Doula

Dyan Osborn, CD (DONA)

Dyan is a Doulas of North America DONA certified professional. She provides vital support to birthing women and their partners during birth's intense and amazing journey. Doula support during labor has been shown in research studies across the globe to improve many outcomes during and after birth for both mother and baby (reference). She is presently working towards attaining certification to become a Child Birth Educator for Birth Works. She strongly believes that birth is a process and not a method that can be taught. These classes will be the first offered in the NW Ohio area. Dyan has completed training through Perinatal Network to become a Specialist in Workplace Lactation Consulting.  She  can help ensure you and your nursing infant a successful transition when you return to your work after your babies birth. She works with birthing moms within an hour radius of Toledo, Ohio,that includes Ann Arbor and Detroit . She only will work with you, the client, in any given month of the "on call" time frame,
assuring her availability to you and your baby when the birth day arrives.

"I became a mother for the first time 41 years ago and found the experience to be so overwhelming that I vowed right then that my passion and purpose would be to help birth moms have the best, most positive, and empowering experience possible at such a remarkable time in their lives. Four grown children and ten grandbabies later, I now have the time to truly devote to and actively practice my commitment made so many years ago. I believe that knowledge is a powerful tool when brought to the journey that is birth. I have seen over and over again how birth can be wonderful IF you are prepared and aware of the choices that lie ahead.